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People first. Always.

Hi, I’m Divan, the Founder of Zaphire.

Zaphire is my way of giving back to a nation that helped turn a poor, minority immigrant into the embodiment of the American Dream.

Armed with ambition, determination, and a passion for success, I worked my way through college and eventually got an entry-level job in IT.

Eighteen years later, driven by commitment and belief in myself, I’ve held senior IT positions at the most prominent financial institutions in the world (Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Citi Group and UBS), including Head of QA & Testing, Head of Regional Teams, and QA Director.

Having succeeded way beyond my wildest dreams, Zaphire is my way of aligning great people from any background looking for jobs with employers who believe that bias-free recruitment and a diverse workforce are positives that should be celebrated, supported, and advanced as causes.

Everyone deserves the chance to live their American Dream.

People first

Created by job seekers, for job seekers

Zaphire is a people-first organization packed with fairness fanatics. Created by job seekers, for job seekers, Zaphire is all about recognizing the importance of hard work—a subject we know well. We’ve been there. We’ve done it before. And now it’s time to give back.


Our brand was designed to give a voice to the disenfranchised and smash the barriers stopping you from reaching your full potential.

About Zaphire Partnerships


We do this by taking a community approach to every step of our process: Sourcing, selecting, training, placement and delivery. It’s the people-focused approach that gives us the means to solve our clients’ challenges. Whether they need fast hiring solutions, a more diverse workforce, local hiring options, or a fresh approach to social responsibility, we make it happen.


But really, our brand isn’t about the metrics, it’s about our people. We at Zaphire believe in the power of attitude. After all, you can always learn a new skill, but learning new attitudes is another story..

Our people

Our Mission: One Team, One Dream.

It is our primary goal to uplift and provide career opportunities for job seekers looking to break into the IT field. We also work directly with employers to match them with the ideal candidate. We believe everyone has a chance to create a better future for themselves, and we go the extra mile to help job seekers and employers get there.

Modeline Fenelon, Esq.

General Counsel

How we do it

Job seekers

  • Personal branding

  • Fair recruiting driven by technology

  • Professional reskilling assistance

  • Access to industry professionals

  • Outstanding benefits


  • Organic, local, and vetted talent

  • Fast hiring driven by technology

  • Competitive fee

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Simple engagement model

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Accenture Report : Women in tech earn on average 29% less than men

Zaphire’s fairness driven methods are going to help change this.