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The IT marketplace free from bias, bottlenecks and BS - where socially inclusive employers hire candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Fanatics for fairness

In hiring, and in life.

Breaking into the job market can be daunting. Employers are selective, competition is fierce, and often, the application process can be time-consuming. Worse still, conscious and unconscious recruitment bias prevents talented people from getting ahead.
Built to give everyone a fair chance of finding their IT job, Zaphire passionately believes in the inherent potential of all human beings.

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Blind Hiring, Video Resumes, Augmented Search, Suitability Score, Personality Assessment, Emotions, Text/Call/Video Chat,Voice Enabled, Simple Setup, Safe & Secure and much more –
All on your Zaphire mobile app.

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We help everyone with a passion to work, and we firmly believe that your diversity is your strength.Here are some really great things people have said about us even before our launch…

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