We are innovators focused on making an impact in hiring. We are best fit for organizations very keen on changing how they recruit and hire.

Find the right talent, fast. With just a few swipes on your Smart Phone.

The Right People. The Right Place. The Right Time.

As you guide your business into the 2020s, the landscape looks more uncertain than ever before. Constant changes in market conditions and technology compete with IT talent shortages to challenge your enterprise. Zaphire can help you harness local talent and give you the skilled and diverse workforce to ensure you maintain your cutting edge.

Traditional recruitment sometimes makes it hard to find the right talent on time and in a cost effective way. But Zaphire makes it easy with its simplified recruiting process and innovative technology. Connecting you to ambitious talent in a fair, fast and easy way is what we do.

What we offer

Specialist recruiting services

  • Permanent

    Build out or expand your team.

  • Contract

    When you need talent fast.

  • Freelance

    One-time or on-call jobs that can be done off-site.

  • Apprentice

    Like to spot and engage your future talent.

what you get

Almost everything to find the best hire with the right skills with drive, passion and commitment.

Who is our ideal client?

Everyone from Individuals, Solopreneurs, Micro Business, Small Business, Medium Business to Large Enterprises.

We like our clients to be diversity-focused, equity-centric and subscribe to a bias free recruitment process. We want them to share our values of an American workforce that is strong, diverse, and accepting.

  • Believes in the importance of people
  • Knows the value of company relationships
  • Wants to diversify its workforce
  • Understands the potential of the American job market
  • Struggles with the offshore model and seeks an alternative
  • Is experiencing high workforce attrition locally or overseas
  • Shares our values of social and corporate responsibility.

If any of these sound like you, we’d like to help you out. Want a reference check? No problem. We’ll connect you to our existing clients who can give you direct feedback.

Our Process

Let’s talk process. Once we’ve won you over, we get to work with you closely.

  1. Chat

    Every great relationship began with a simple chat.We’ll listen, discuss, and learn about the opportunity.

  2. Create

    We’ll challenge. We’ll engage. We’ll help create a strategy that leaves you satisfied.

  3. Deliver

    We’ll apply our engagement models to start producing the expected results.

  4. Celebrate

    We’ll check in, review your engagement on a regular basis, and make sure we are achieving the expected results.

Our goal

Drive change. We are a little crazy about it.

We want to empower organizations with new perspectives, fresh insights, and a more diverse talent pool than you ever imagined possible. And we’re committed to attracting, and promoting the best and most diverse assortment of talent available in the market.

A candidate’s background, education, race, gender, age, or disabilities don’t matter. Passion for success comes first. This is how we drive change-and how we make you grow. We make sure you have on-demand access to the talent and the tools you need, all delivered at a competitive fee.

Get started

Accenture Report : Women in tech earn on average 29% less than men

Zaphire’s fairness driven methods are going to help change this.