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Join with Zaphire’s Fairness Revolution.

Many people get a bad deal from the workplace and are often overlooked. For women, veterans, senior citizens, people with disabilities, minorities and many others, there is frequently a very clear second place slot. You can’t see or touch the bias, but if you’re a person from any of these groups, the truth is all too clear: I don’t have a fair chance. And the disparities are made worse by the growing threats of job automation and low-cost, overseas outsourcing.

That’s why Zaphire seeks to establish fairness as the driving force for change in the recruiting process. No one wins when they’re held back by their background or beliefs. We believe it’s time to reward people for their drive and resolve so they can forge ahead and work at their best. Zaphire sees a clear challenge here — and it’s one we can all join together to solve. That’s where you come in …

Building a better future

Working to create an equitable hiring ecosystem

Where people’s futures are determined by their drive, not their background. We do not want people to be defined by their circumstances, but rewarded for their resolve.

Our strategies

Backed by these strategies, we achieve specific outcomes to support our people, clients, and the IT industry as a whole including:

  • Increasing diversity of the IT workforce by providing opportunities to under-represented populations
  • Bolstering the U.S. job market through stateside hiring
  • Increasing the accessibility of talent through technology to broaden diversity in tech-centric industries
  • Fostering social responsibility and sustainability through equity-focused recruiting, hiring, and training

Our goal is to give back—and we’d love your support.

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    Inclusive hiring
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    Contingent workforce strategies
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    Cutting-edge technology
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    Face-to-face interactions

Become an Ally

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or anyone interested in raising awareness of Zaphire’s values, we welcome you to pitch in. These roles may include consulting on new technology, sharing strategies for corporate training, or establishing any partnerships that drive mutual value between you and the Zaphire brand.

Become an Advisor

If you’ve always wanted to support the American dream but never really knew how, this is your chance. As an advisor, you’ll have the chance to offer your advice, experience, skills, and time to help shape the development of our program. This may include strategic planning, talent coordination, and fundraising.

Become a Sponsor

This is a call for those who don’t have the means or ability to physically assist in our development. You can help in other ways! Sponsorship typically takes the form of partnerships or relationships that involve donations, sharing workforce operations, space sharing, and more. These types of collaborations are the foundation on which Zaphire was built, and we’d love for you to lend a hand.

Become a Mentor

Do you have experience in IT? Do you love teaching others? Do you see the social value of training the underprivileged to succeed in new roles? Do you like to be part of person’s career growth? If so, we need you as a Zaphire mentor. This is the perfect role for individuals who want to make an impact but can’t contribute the full weight of their company.

Get started

World Economic Forum: Automation will displace 24.7 million jobs by 2027

Zaphire is here to find unique IT opportunities for those who may be displaced.